Trying to start a family?

If you are contemplating starting a family soon, already trying, or if you are receiving fertility treatment, Fertilitetsmessen is the place for you and everybody in search of knowledge, facts, explanations and dialogue regarding all aspects of infertility and fertility treatment. 
Fertilitetsmessen aims to break the taboos so often associated with infertility by providing unbiased information and heightened levels of information, enabling you to make an informed choice.
We have gathered experts from Denmark and abroad for visitors who:
  • Are right at the onset of their fertility journey
  • Are struggling to conceive
  • Possibly need to undergo treatment
  • Come from abroad and consider Denmark as a place for future fertility treatment
  • Have a diagnosis such as PCOC, endometriosis, blocked Fallopian tubes, or low sperm count
  • Are homosexual and seek information on how to become a parent
  • Want the latest research on fertility treatment and new technologies
  • Seek information on how to enhance your chances of pregnancy with alternative therapies
  • Want to know what the public and private sector has to offer
  • Consider egg donation locally or abroad

We provide

  • Facts and information based on research
  • More time for talks and explanations than you might have experienced at your GP
  • Interesting, relevant, and entertaining talks by experts
  • Knowledge that makes a difficult conversation easier
  • A venue for connecting with others facing a similar challenges. You are not alone!

9 facts to bear in mind…

Fertility treatment works!
Within 5 years of onset, 71% of couples that undergo fertility treatment with their own eggs and sperm will be parents.

Age matters!
Female age is of the utmost importance; the older the woman, the more difficulties are bound to arise. Male age is of lesser consequence. For him, other factors play a bigger part.

Count to nine….
Not months, but children! Statistics show that it is almost every 9th child born in Denmark is through assisted reproduction, which means some variation of fertility treatment.

Shhh! Quiet please!
Infertility is not something we speak of freely. Most people experience great shame and difficulties discussing their fears, anxieties, and frustrations along the bumpy road to parenthood. With Fertilitetsmessen we want to open up the conversation and break the taboos.

Low sperm count
In almost 50% of couples that experience difficulties conceiving, the men have an abnormal or poor sperm count.

Eggs are expensive
Donor eggs in Scandinavia are scarce. Here the process is difficult and lengthy which is why many people see them selves going abroad for egg/ embryo donation.

Birth numbers are too low
Danish women have an average of 1.69 child per woman. To keep our population at status quo, that number should ideally be 2.1. But we find similar statistics in all of Scandinavia.

Knowledge is power…
In all aspects of our lives knowledge is important, especially during the tough process of undergoing fertility treatment. To be as well informed as possible when you, a close relative, or a friend is faced with fertility obstacles is alpha and omega.

Modern family ties
Families today come in different shapes than 50 years ago: Women decide to have children by themselves or together, male couples have children through adoption and surrogates abroad, and friends decide to co-parent. We define new constellations that shape our families for now and for the future.